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Margaret Bell  

HSF Area Manager 


Local Community: National Impact

by Rachael Rode, Communications Specialist


Margaret Bell is the local Area Manager for the national non-profit organization Heart & Stroke Foundation. But local isn’t as small as you may think: she oversees the operations for North-western Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and our very own Grande Prairie. With such an extensive reason of responsibilities, one might wonder why this branch of Heart & Stroke would choose to join Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau. Indeed, they’ve been a member since 2008. But to the Heart & Stroke Foundation, connecting with GPVSB was a necessary step. Bell explained that their organizations is totally supported by volunteers, so they saw GPVSB as the best way to connect with the foundation that supports their efforts in heart and stroke advocacy. “We’re a volunteer charity and so it’s a perfect partnership,” Bell said. Although she’s a member of a national agency, she supports local organizations as well, which is another one of GPVSB’s highlights. “When we have special events we need different volunteers, [so it’s] nice to be able to phone a local organization to recruit help,” she explained.

And we’re glad that individuals continue to volunteer with the Heart & Stroke Foundation, because the work they do is relevant and necessary to promote health in the lives of Canadians across the nation. Without the foundation, Canadians would lack health information and supportive environments which can decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke. Heart & Stroke also invests in research in universities, hospitals and communities across the country. Bell summed it up by stating, “We are the largest contributor to heart and stroke research after the federal government.”

If you choose to volunteer, not only will you be helping the Canadian populace at large, but you will also benefit from Heart & Stroke Foundation’s vibrant volunteer community. Bell explained that volunteers receive skills training for tasks like data entry and also described the atmosphere when larger tasks have to be completed, such as mass mailings. “We like to have work bees [but] it becomes more of an event rather than work.  That’s what we try to create in our office -- more fun.”

The goal of the Foundation overall is to support Canadians and create survivors. If you’d like to get involved with this mission that is structured at local levels to make a national difference, you can volunteer at, or call Margaret Bell at 780-513-0439.


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