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Odyssey House

Vision - To help women and children break free from the cycle of family violence.
Mission - Everyone has the right to live with dignity, safety, and equality.

Ebony Rempel - Odyssey House Executive Director In the last few years Odyssey House has grown significantly to meet the needs of Grande Prairie and surrounding area.  The non-profit organization is best known as a Women’s Shelter providing short-term accommodation and support to women and children fleeing abuse and violence.  In January 2016 they expanded on this to open Serenity Place a secure second stage housing apartment consisting of 14 homes, allowing those that need extra time to heal somewhere to stay outside of the emergency shelter. Housing participants and those staying in the emergency shelter have access to a spectrum of support services, including collective kitchens, childcare assistance, counselling, outreach support, self-care support and life-skills training.  Odyssey House staff will also advocate on the behalf of their residents in assisting them with obtaining and dealing with other community agencies and services such as Alberta Works and Housing First. 

Read more: Odyssey House

Grande Prairie Voice for Life

"Fostering respect for life at all stages of development."
Jilliana Baldwin, GP Voice for Life  Community Educator & Office ManagerFounded in the mid 1980’s, Grande Prairie Voice for Life is a non-profit, educational  organization that offers free health presentations about life development at various stages to schools, community groups and parents. Voice for Life presents fact based programs that meet Alberta Health Services curriculum guidelines in most Public and Catholic schools in the Peace Region. School Programs include:

K – Gr.2 "That's Me in Here" with Fetal Models
Gr. 3 "Growing up & Safety"
Gr. 4 "Puberty" (Male/Female)
Gr. 5 "Male and Female Anatomy"
Gr. 6 "Fetology"
Gr. 7 "Why Consider Abstinence & Lies we Believe"
Gr. 8 "STI's, Contraceptives & Abuse"
Gr. 9 "Pregnancy, Parenting, Risk Reduction & Assault"
Gr. 10 - 12 "Healthy Relationships, Potential Outcomes & All the In-between's"

Voice for Life also offers a Youth Group program called “Sex, Relationships & Why Wait” and “The Sex Talk(s) Guide” for parents, which was created to help equip parents to have affective sex talks with their children.  They also do specialized presentations for homeschool groups and churches, as well.

Speaking with Voice for Life Community Educator and Office Manager, Jilliana Baldwin, she states the goal of the organization is to equip the next generation to make educated decisions regarding their lives, and relationships, and the choices they make in those relationships. This goal goes hand-in-hand with respect, and encouraging these children to grow up respecting their lives and the lives of others. This can include anything from understanding proper hygiene and safety (Gr.3 presentation) to understanding sexual assault and boundaries (Gr.9 presentation).  Jilliana shares “It’s always heartwarming when a student tells us they learned from our presentation, and they now feel more equipped to make informed decisions.”  The organization estimates it has presented in front of over 4000 students since 2015 and if the information they provide makes one attendee’s life better, than all their hard work is worth it.

Volunteers are a major source of support and guidance to the organization, “Our Board of Directors are all volunteers, we only have 2 paid staff members- myself and our Bookkeeper,” says Jilliana, “Volunteers help with our fundraising and promoting efforts, they assists with planning our Annual Fundraising Banquet and help with our booths at community events, like the Annual Woman’s Show.”

For more information about Voice for Life, upcoming volunteer opportunities and presentations visit their website at or their Facebook page  If you have a group or organizations that would like to host one of their free presentations call Jilliana at 780-538-3344 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Grande Prairie Voice for Life

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