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Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta North West Region

Vision: To Provide Resources to Foster Communities of Mentally Healthy People.

Mission: To Promote Mental Health for Individuals and Our Community.

CMHA ANWR Executive Director Debra StonerSince 1995 the Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta North West Region (CMHA ANWR) has been serving Grande Prairie helping those with mental health issues and addiction.  A branch of the national CMHA this organization works to provide tailored programs and services to assist those in need in our area.

CHMA ANWR helps support the community in various ways; their main office located downtown at Willow Place, is an apartment building with 57 units owned & operated by the agency.  Built in 2003, the bachelor suite apartments house individuals with mental health problems and/or recovering from addictions. Tenants within Willow place; must qualify for affordable housing, be able to pay rent and live independently with support.

 Willow Place is also home to CMHA ANWR’s Hub Resource Centre, with funding from Alberta Health Services, this program offers those with mental health and or in recovery the chance to partake in planned activities, such as collective kitchen to prepare group meal, arts & crafts and social gatherings.  The Hub helps develop social interaction and grow community support and resources for participants, Volunteers help with planning and instructing many of the Hub activities. A recently launched initiative to help support the Hub programs is Treats & Sweets this volunteer run Ice Cream Stand located south of Centre 2000 has CMHA ANWR employees and Willow Place residents selling snacks to the community. The Treats & Sweets Stand also helps promote CMHA ANWR & Willow Place to the public while at the same time gives clients community engagement. 

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Society for Support to Pregnant & Parenting Teens

Supporting pregnant and parenting teens in achieving their personal best.

Sacha Balaski - Volunteer Coordinator

Having and raising a baby can be difficult at any age but more so when the parents are kids themselves.  Luckily, in Grande Prairie and surrounding area, the Society for Support to Pregnant & Parenting Teens is here to help young parents and their infants through and after pregnancy.

The non-profit agency helps teens by providing information and support to:

- Promote a healthy pregnancy

- Facilitate healthy decision making regarding pregnancy and parenting

- Maximize opportunities for education and/or training

- Gain knowledge of and access to community resources

- Foster the development of individual strengths and independence

Pregnant & Parenting Teens offers support groups and programs to help their clients; they have groups that help with pregnancy, parenting, & breastfeeding. There are programs that help with providing for the infants like ‘Books for Babies’ and an exchange program for gently used clothing, equipment and toys. Young parents being supported by the Society also have access to professional counselling sessions with Mental Health Services and are supported by a Family Support Worker who helps them set & achieve personal, educational, family or life goals. They also provide day care with the First Steps Nursery to clients attending the Bridge Network School program.

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