Richard White nominated by North Peace Bracket Racing Association

Caught in the Act: Richard White

Richard White is a life time racing fan. As he prepared to talk with the Volunteer Service Bureau about his volunteering with the North Peace Bracket Racing Association (NPBRA) for Caught in the Act. The 76 year old recounted how, in the 1960s, he would spend Sundays enjoying drag racing in Edmonton and later on in life being part of the racing scene in Fairview. 

After retiring in 2009, the trained mechanic said he was conned into volunteering with the NPBRA by friends who were already involved in with organization. It was a natural fit as Richard has been with the group ever since. He finds it hard to believe it’s already been twenty years and he debates with Volunteer Coordinator Karen Winterburn if he is the group’s longest active helper but agrees with her he may be the oldest.  Richard has no plans on stopping anytime soon, he sees race weekends as vacation time and often camps at the Beaverlodge Airport Racing Facility during the two days he spends running the Crash Truck, helping out in the box or wherever else his buddies may need him.  When asked for advice for people thinking of volunteer with NPBRA Richard says “Go for it, we could use all the help we can get, it’s always a great experience.” He then jokingly adds “We need NPBRA in the community it helps keep the lead-footed people off the highways.”

The Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau would like to thank Richard White for volunteering with the North Peace Bracket Racing Association for closed to 20 years! And for being ‘Caught in the Act’. For more information on North Peace Bracket Racing Association and how you can volunteer with this great agency visit 

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