Caught in the Act

Connie Nooy and Alberta Health Services Rehabilitation Program

by Erin Murphy, GPVSB Communications


Connie was born in Rycroft forty years ago, mother of two boys and just became a new grandmother! She has been a book keeper her whole working life. The volunteering she has been doing help keep her active and a part of the local community.

Connie had started volunteering two years ago during her spare time in many places around Grande Prairie. She started volunteering at the QEII hospital in September 2015 when the rehabilitation program for seniors had begun. She was excited to make help make a difference and to “encourage the patients to become active and socialize.”

When her father was in the hospital two years ago with terminal cancer, Connie would visit him on a regular basis.  She noticed that his roommate had no visitors.  It got her to thinking that everyone deserves to have someone around them while they are sick and hospitalized.  “I was brought to volunteer to help me heal”, she states.

While observing the participants of the rehabilitation program, it was a very positive experience to see the individuals get up and moving and socializing with other people staying in the hospital.  There was a lot of stretching exercises and memory games such as the name game where we would all say our name and pass a ball around.  To make it a little tricky the rotation of the ball was switched up. This helps memory function and passing the ball around helps with mobility. The patients participating in the program were having a great time, and I could see that Connie enjoyed her time with them, always had a smile on her face and was always willing to help and encourage the patients.

Connie feels that when you volunteer “it helps you come back down to earth, and to help make a difference in other people’s lives, we are all in this together” said Nooey.

Thank you Connie for all of the hard work that you do, and putting smiles on all of the faces at the QEII Hospital! You are a wonderful advocate for the Grande Prairie Community!

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For more information about the Rehabilitation Program call the QEII Hospital @ 538-7100 and ask for the Rehabilitation Program.





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