Caught in the Act shares the stories of outstanding Volunteers in our community and their work with the organizations that nominated them. We hope in sharing these stories we inspire others to volunteer and show the importance of volunteerism.




Caught in the Act

Connie Nooy and Alberta Health Services Rehabilitation Program

by Erin Murphy, GPVSB Communications


Connie was born in Rycroft forty years ago, mother of two boys and just became a new grandmother! She has been a book keeper her whole working life. The volunteering she has been doing help keep her active and a part of the local community.

Connie had started volunteering two years ago during her spare time in many places around Grande Prairie. She started volunteering at the QEII hospital in September 2015 when the rehabilitation program for seniors had begun. She was excited to make help make a difference and to “encourage the patients to become active and socialize.”

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Caught in the Act

Janet (Jan) D and Rusty with St. John Ambulance

by Erin Murphy, GPVSB Communications

After retiring from working as a counselor in the mental health sector, Janet (Jan) had a goal to volunteer in her community.  One evening while searching for the perfect opportunity on the GPVSB website, she found an ad for the Therapy Dog Program facilitated by St. John’s Ambulance.  Jan had recently adopted her Border Collie Australian Shepard mix, Rusty and the program was exactly what she was looking for.

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Caught in the Act

Ken Nash - The Community Village

by Tanya Ruigrok, GPVSB Communications


Ken Nash is a busy man with an active lifestyle.  For 36 years he worked in waste management, a challenging job where he was very busy all day long.  “When I retired” he says, “I suddenly found myself with nothing to do – my self worth started to decline. I came to The Community Village to see if they could use some help and found out they needed LOTS of help.”

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