Caught in the Act shares the stories of outstanding Volunteers in our community and their work with the organizations that nominated them. We hope in sharing these stories we inspire others to volunteer and show the importance of volunteerism.




Caught in the Act

Courtney & David - Volunteers with the Cultural Integration Academy

by Erin Murphy, GPVSB Communications


Courtney and David found out about the Cultural Integration Academy while attending a local community event that took place this past summer. They have since found the opportunity very intriguing and it has been an excellent experience to become more involved in the Grande Prairie community.

While volunteering for the program they found out that a lot of their friends and neighbours are already volunteering within the community or specifically the CIA program.

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Caught in the Act

Arlene McDonnell

Volunteer with Grande Prairie Legal Guidance

by GPVSB Communications

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 On Wednesday mornings Arlene McDonnell can usually be found at the Grande Prairie Legal Guidance (GPLG) office at The Community Village. 

To say that Arlene is a lady to be admired is an understatement. In 2009 Arlene found her self newly retired as a Registered Dietician with much more time on her hands than she had anticipated. She was looking at the volunteer opportunities the Daily Herald Tribune with GPVSB when she spotted an ad that GPLG was looking for an administrative volunteer - six years later she reflects on how she got started:

“I wanted to try something completely new – and this was definitely an area that I had no experience in.”

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Caught in the Act

Shauna Wells 

Volunteer with Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society 

by Fringina Mukaga, Communications

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Finding herself with spare time Shauna Wells sought out a meaningful activity, so when a friend suggested that she volunteer at Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society (P.A.R.D.S) she jumped at the chance because “it sounded like a fun idea.”  Right away she could see that the organization really cared about the horses:

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