Caught in the Act shares the stories of outstanding Volunteers in our community and their work with the organizations that nominated them. We hope in sharing these stories we inspire others to volunteer and show the importance of volunteerism.


Grande Prairie Legal Guidance 2nd Annual Legal Advice Blitz

By Tanya Ruigrok


On January 21, 2017, 9 volunteer lawyers provided a total of 35 hours of free legal advice to Grande Prairie’s low to moderate income population at our 2nd Legal Advice Blitz.   

The blitz was born with one lawyer, Derek Van Tassell of Stringam LLP, volunteering to come in for an entire day to help clean up a backlog of clients that had accumulated.  The GPLG coordinator sent out a request to the other lawyers to come and give him a hand and was delighted to see responses from 5 lawyers immediately volunteering to help out.  We quickly gave it a name – “The Legal Advice Blitz” (thanks to Nathan Fry of Hayes & Fry) and decided to open the day up to the community.  It went very well with 30 clients booked and seen in a 5 hour period.  The feedback from the lawyers and the clients was extremely positive so the decision was made to make it an annual event.

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Dawne Torrance Nominated by Society for Support to Pregnant & Parenting Teens

Volunteer Dawne Torrence - Caught in the Act

Sitting in a darkened First Steps Nursery during quiet time Volunteer Dawne Torrance smoothly rocks back and forth cradling a sleeping infant.  With a flip of a light switch the room becomes an obstacle course as little feet move quickly to find a toy and place to play.  Child Care staff and other volunteers attend the active toddlers and infants as Dawne continues to rock and soothe her napping friend.  On an unusually warm Wednesday afternoon in November Dawne was ‘Caught in the Act’ of volunteering and took some time to speak with GPVSB about her work with the Society to Support Pregnant and Parenting Teens.

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Edghill Gerrick Nominated by Amanda Hickok

Gerrick CIAOn a wet and cold September evening the GP Raiders, of the Peace Country Bantam Football League (PCBFL), run drills to warm-up before they start practice at the Alexzander Forbes School football field.  Volunteer Coach Edghill Gerrick, this month’s ‘Caught in the Act’, helps arriving players with their gear and took some time to talk with the GPVSB about his volunteer work.

Gerrick, a lifelong football fan, started playing the sport in high school and the game has been an active part of his life as both a player or volunteer ever since.  Helping with his son’s Atom Football team (ages 7 to 10) coaches there asked if was interested in coaching a team in the Bantam league (ages 12 to 15).  Inspired by the dedication of his son’s coach and others who volunteer within both leagues, Edghill accepted.  Coaching the Raiders for a year now it is evident that Gerrick loves football and wants to share his passion for the game with younger generations.  Fairly new to being a coach he hopes he can portray what the game is really about to his team, commitment, teamwork and fair play.  He is surprised at how talented these kids are at such a young age.  “It’s wicked to see the development at this age, you show them something or make a suggestion and they adapt their game instantly” enthuses Gerrick.  He really enjoys watching the kids succeed playing the game and having as much fun has he does coaching them, and knowing that he is helping the kids in the community is an added benefit.

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