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Meet the 2018 Leaders of Tomorrow

2018 LOT winners

The Leaders of Tomorrow Awards presented by ATCO, honour outstanding young Leaders in Grande Prairie and the surrounding area. The awards were presented to individuals in two categories: Ages 13-15 & Ages 16-18. Recipients receive a Leaders of Tomorrow Awards trophy, a certificate, cash award of $100, and a $100 donation to the charity of their choice. The Awards were presented at the 2018 National Volunteer Week Annual Appreciation Luncheon. For more information about this year's Luncheon click here.

Meet the 9 Leaders of Tomorrow who exhibit dedication and excellence in their fields of volunteer work including school, community, social activism, athletics or arts; and, inspire the spirit of volunteerism in others:

Age Category 13 – 15 Years

Madi Campbell
Madi Campbell
School: Mother Teresa Catholic School
Nominated by: Mother Teresa Leadership Team
Charity of Choice: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit through Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation

Madi is committed to making her community a better place.  She is an outstanding student and is a role model to many students in her school and a leader when others need guidance and help.  Part of the Leadership team at Mother Theresa Catholic School, Madi works to raise awareness on social issues not only in our community but around the world.  Madi has helped set up events, organized fund raisers for both local and global organizations, mentors and tutors other students, volunteers at Gyminiks competitions and dance recitals and has a special interest in working with children and families.  Always cheerful and willing to help with any task, Madi is an active member in her school, community and world.

Augustine Clarke
Augustine Clark
School: Hythe Regional School
Nominated by: Hythe Regional School
Charity of Choice: Rotary House Grande Prairie

Augustine is an outgoing volunteer who can make anyone feel welcome.  Actively engaged in the 4-H multi club Augustine volunteers for food drives, Big Hearts for Big Kids events, the Grande Prairie Museum and the Peace Draft Horse Club Annual Light Show.  She is an active member of the Peace Draft Horse Club and while volunteering for their club activities she also manages to find the time to compete in their events.  Augustine is known for her kindness and leadership to her peers and the junior members of her 4-H clubs.

Caliegh GillisCaleigh Gillis
School: Mother Teresa Catholic School
Nominated by: Mother Teresa Catholic School
Charity of Choice: Grande Prairie Bandaged Paws

Caleigh is an honor student, outstanding athlete, marvellous friend and a committed volunteer in both her school and community.  Described as the ‘driving force of the leadership team’ in her school, Caleigh raises funds for different charities both at home and around the world, helps other students who are struggling, volunteers at soup kitchens, teaches kids Taekwondo and promotes Social Justice and is a positive role model for those that she meets.

Taylor Kimpe-Miller
Taylor Kimpe-Miller
School: St. Joseph Catholic School
Nominated by: North Peace Bracket Racing Association
Charity of Choice: Kids with Cancer Society

Taylor is a great example of how fulfilling volunteer work can be and the sense of family you can get from it.  An active member of the North Peace Bracket Racing Association, Taylor has spent countless hours selling merchandise, working with computerised timing systems, organizing children’s activities, and helping at the track.  She is an active student in her school, involved in Band and the Skills team.  She works hard to accomplish her goals and is always willing to step up and help out.  Taylor puts her whole body and heart into anything she is involved in. 

Tailia Peters
Talia Peters
School: Mother Teresa Catholic School
Nominated by: Mother Teresa Leadership Team
Charity of Choice: Kev’s Kids

Talia has the skills to influence others to make a difference in her school, community and the world around her and she uses them.  Strong, determined, motivated, caring and selfless, Talia demonstrates empathy and a passion for bettering the world on a daily basis.   She mentors younger students, raises funds for Grande Prairie Big Toy Box, Sunrise House, WE Villages Education and umpires in the summer for the local baseball league.  She is a dedicated member of the Mother Theresa Catholic School’s Social Justice Committee and when faced with obstacles Talia remains focused and positive qualities of a strong leader. An outstanding student and talented athlete Talia’s goal is to be in the medical field.

Age Category 16 – 18 Years

Revenelle Gladue
Revenelle Gladue
School: PAVE / Tabono Centre
Nominated by: John Howard Society of Grande Prairie
Charity of Choice: Society for Support to Pregnant & Parenting Teens

In 2016 Revenelle was shy and quiet, often choosing to be an observer rather than a participant.  Then she found herself involved in a Stand Up to Bullying Awareness Project, and from that point on Revenelle has dedicated a minimum of two hours a week to community service.  Creative, dedicated, enthusiastic and non-judgemental Ravenelle has volunteered at the Salvation Army Food Bank, Sunrise House, the Pride Carnival, Odessey House and has initiated numerous Random Acts of Kindness activities.  Ravenelle is a Youth Mentor for the John Howard Society of Grande Prairie Boys Club and the Drop-in Program.  She is a Youth Leader in the Tabono Centre Day Program and her responsibilities include researching, planning and implementing activities and art projects for youth.  Revenelle has had a profound impact on the lives that she has touched through her unwavering support, encouragement and understanding of human nature.

Keira Kruger
Kiera Kruger
School: St. Mary’s Catholic School
Nominated by: Lucille Partington
Charity of Choice: Suicide Prevention Resource Centre

Kiera is a very interesting, bubbly, unique individual who is community minded in all areas of her life.  Actively involved in school, church and her community Kiera demonstrates leadership, commitment, dedication and is a positive role model liked and respected by her peers.  Keira is a member of the Sexsmith Volunteer Fire Department and is a participant in their Fire Fighter Cadet Program.  She is involved with the St. Mary’s Catholic School’s Social Justice Club and has raised funds for world development projects in Kenya as well as for local charities and groups. Her community involvement includes the Sexsmith Town Clean Up, Ukrainian Grande Prairie Committee, Sexsmith Reverse Santa, the annual Fall Supper and the Sexsmith Community Food Drives.  As well as the Chautauqua Day and the Sexsmith Antique Show, Kiera lends her support to the Sexsmith Town Light Up, Reverse Santa Parade, PRBI Family Day Carnival, Sexsmith Christmas Hamper, Fall Showcase and Easter Eggstravaganza.  And in her spare time she volunteer to sell pies for her Church’s annual pie sale. 

Sophie Leslie
Sophie Leslie
School: Charles Spencer High School
Nominated by: CSHS Maverick Movement
Charity of Choice: Foundation Glycosylation for CGA Awareness.

Sophie’s volunteerism is motivated by a strong sense of social justice and personal values. Sophie has been a part of the Maverick Movement club since its inception when Charles Spencer opened. The Maverick Movement club strives to sustainably supporting others locally and globally following in the footsteps of the WE organization. Even though she is deeply committed to athletics and her academics, she has spent the last 4 years volunteering over 300 hours of her time. She helped raise $10,000 dollars to build a school in Nicaragua, $10,000 dollars to support food sustainability in Tanzania, and demonstrated leadership in countless initiatives to support members of the community, such as: bake sales, serving events, cleaning stalls at the horse shows, community garbage clean ups, etc. This year she is travelling to Tanzania to participate in leadership training, culture immersion and volunteerism. An outstanding athlete Sophie competes in basketball and Cross Country and was a key organizer for Charles Spencer High School’s basketball camp for students in grades 6-9.  She is a selfless, hardworking, confident young woman that refuses to do anything but her very best. She is a great friend to many and inspires others not just to volunteer, but to care about a cause enough to take steps towards change.

Heather Taylor
Heather Taylor
School: Beaverlodge Regional High School
Nominated by: Joanne Hotte
Charity of Choice: KidSport - Grande Prairie

Heather is a marvellous ambassador for her school and community, she displays incredible initiative with regard to any task.  She is well organized, always prepared, and supportive of her peers and the first to help in any situation.  An honors student, outstanding athlete and passionate about her school and community, Heather has grown into an extremely active and effective student leader.  She organizes student activities, charity fund raising drives, teacher appreciation events and school improvement projects.  Heather is a mentor for younger students. She is equally involved in 4-H and has reached Platinum Level of 4-H Recognition which is the highest level of point accumulation for 4-H in Alberta.  Currently she has undertaken the role of a 4-H Ambassador at the provincial level, running public workshops, organizing cattle shows, marketing and judging events and speaking at the Provincial Agricultural Feldman’s Conference.  She has been selected be a Provincial representative in the 4H selections program.  Heather annually collects for the Wembley Food Bank, and has been a six-year participant in the 30 Hour Famine program.  As a member of the Beaverlodge Girls Basketball team she also volunteers to coach a mini basketball program which teaches younger athletes fundamental basketball skills.  With her kind heart and positive attitude, Heather brings out the best in everyone.

Special Thank you to Tom Pura for being the Master of Ceremonies and to the James Morrison Band (James, Sean & Kyle) for thier performance.   

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