Niki Binks - Clairmont & District Agricultural Society

December 2018 Volunteer of the Month

The winner of December’s Volunteer of the Month draw is Niki Binks! Niki was nominated for Volunteers of the Week by the Clairmont & District Agricultural Society on December 4th, 2018. Here is a look back at her nomination:

The Clairmont and District Agricultural Society nominates Niki Binks for Volunteers of the Week. They wrote ‘Niki is very upbeat and enthusiastic.  She has a ton of great ideas and isn't afraid of working to accomplish them! From organizing our hall to organizing fundraisers she is always willing to help!’

Congratulation Niki.

The staff and board of the GPVSB would like to thank our sponsor Tim Hortons for helping us fuel the volunteers of Grande Prairie and surrounding area.


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