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Burden Bearers Counselling Centre

Burden Bearers Counselling Centre

For over 25 years, Burden Bearers Counselling Centre has served the community of Grande Prairie and the surrounding area. Its mission is to provide counselling and education based on Biblical principles and established methodologies to those hurting and in need at an affordable rate. 

A Christian faith-based organization, Burden Bearers, has nationally-certified counsellors offering services to clients from all philosophies and walks of life without prejudice. They offer services for children, youth, adults and seniors. Their hourly rate for a professional counsellor is $130. Counselling interns are $90. Provisions are available for low-income clients.

The agency provides counselling for:

Individuals – counsellors help navigate challenges, from dealing with rejection, abuse, or relationship failures, to trying to break unhealthy lifestyle habits, stress/burnout, depression, separation and loss, grief, anger, personal growth, self-esteem, personality disorders, addictions, and sex/porn addictions (CSAT). 

Couples – counsellors help you work through issues related to communication, conflict, intimacy, finances, parenting, unfaithfulness, marriage & divorce or problem-solving. Whether you are currently struggling or wanting to strengthen a good relationship, we can help you develop a richer connection.

Families – Working through problems can be stressful for all family members. Therapists trained to deal with the complexities of the family unit can provide you with tools to bring harmony within the house.

Groups – Burden Bearers offers support of businesses and community organizations with professional development, conflict resolution or coping with a crisis, trauma or loss that has impacted employees and organization members. This support can include on-site counselling, individual counselling, and a psychoeducational presentation tailored to meet the organization’s specific needs.

When asked, ‘What is the one thing you wish the public knew about your organization?’ Mavis Lee, Burden Bearers Receptionist, wished the public knew how caring and qualified the counsellors are. Each one has a strong desire to help people dealing with issues that affect their quality of life and well-being”. 

With the growing mental health crisis due to the pandemic, the organization hopes to add more counsellors and a psychologist in the future. 

Volunteers help the charity with its fundraising events like the upcoming Steve Bell Benefit Concert coming September 25. Those interested in volunteering with the organization can call 780-539-5225 or e-mail info@burdenbearersgp.com. Tickets for the upcoming concert are available at stevebell.com, Shepherds Fold or by calling their office at 780-539-5225.

For more information on Burden Bearers Counselling Centre, visit https://www.burdenbearersgp.com and follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/burdenbearerscounselling

The Association’s board and staff would like to thank Burden Bearers Counselling Centre for being a member and part of our Member Spotlight.