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Capacity Development Through Diversity & Inclusion

Capacity Development Through Diversity and Inclusion

Program Details

Capacity Development through Diversity & Inclusion is a comprehensive 2-day course perfect for your staff/team of 6-12 participants.

Both days are 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Day 1 covers Core Diversity Topics, Workplace and Board Diversity

Day 2 covers Indigenous Histories & Perspectives

Cost for Members: Free

Cost for non-members: $350 per person

If your agency less than 6 participants you can partner with another organization. Maximum of 12 participants per session.

Program is available in the Northwest Peace Region at your location.

10-day cancellation notice is required

During this two-day course participants will explore their own value systems, beliefs and biases to discover how they may affect their own perception of other people and groups.

Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and interact with each other.

It is through asking questions that people learn the values, customs and beliefs that exist between their own culture and different cultures.

Course Highlights

Belonging Inclusion Diversity EquityA Canadian focus with emphasis on our Northwest Peace Region including:

Indigenous communities and their histories

Diversity through international immigration

Disability Awareness

After completing our sessions, organizations will be better able to:

Identify and address their own biases

Model genuine sensitivity and respect

Create and utilize policies and procedures that are sensitive and inclusive

Recruit diversified Board Members

Engage with their client community in assessing needs and planning programs

Recognize and respect the needs and preferences of the individual client

Maintain a commitment to cultural competence

For more information contact our Capacity Development Coordinator at 780-538-2727 ext. 104 or email cdcoordinator@volunteergrandeprairie.com