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National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is a time in Canada to celebrate and thank volunteers.

Every year National Volunteer Week (NVW) is celebrated across Canada to thank the 24 million volunteers who give their time in support of a multitude of causes and services, and to recognize the valuable role of volunteer-supported non-profits, organizations and other initiatives.

For more information about NVW national campaign visit Volunteer Canada at https://volunteer.ca/index.php?MenuItemID=379.

2025 National Volunteer Week will take place April 27 to May 4.

National Volunteer Week 2024

National Volunteer Week 2024!

National Volunteer Week (NVW) 2024 concluded on April 20th. It was a week to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of volunteers and volunteer organizations in Grande Prairie and across Canada. The Grande Prairie Regional Association of Volunteer Organizations would like to thank Pizza Hut, Grande Prairie & Area Safe Communities, and Grande Prairie Regional Sports Connect for their partnerships in making NVW 2024 a success.

We recognized the tireless work volunteers do to build stronger, more vibrant communities. It was a chance to come together and appreciate the positive impact volunteers have on our city.

Here’s how we celebrated this year’s NVW:

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

The community was invited to the 2024 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon! 

Prairie Mall

From April 16 to 19, Mall Patrons stopped by the Prairie Mall’s Community Booth throughout the day to learn about a great organization serving our community.


The Association and Grande Prairie & Area Safe Communities partnered to present the Collaborative Futures Workshop: Maximizing Non-Profit Funding and Impact on April 19th and April 20th. 

Pizza Hut's Slice of Appreciation

The Grande Prairie Regional Association of Volunteer Organizations would like to thank Grande Prairie’s Pizza Hut for partnering with us for 2024’s National Volunteer Week.  With their support we are able to celebrate Volunteer Board Members with various agencies in our region.

Sexsmith and Area Food Bank Society

Sexsmith and Area Food Bank Society appreciates their volunteer board members:

  • Kyra Parlee – President
  • Darrel Parlee – Vice President
  • Marg Senft – Director at large
  • Pauline Nelson – Secretary
  • Jaime Hebert – Director at large
  • Debbie Wilson – Director at large
  • Freda King – Treasurer
  • A. Brown – Junior director
  • S. Brown – Junior director
  • Talia Nelson – Junior director
  • Georgia – FCSS Representative
  • Naomi – FCSS Representative

They wrote ‘Its essential to recognize and appreciate the dedication and effort put forward by everyone involved in operations of the Sexsmith and Area foodbank society. This is a large diverse group who works hard towards a common goal to serve the communities we live in. Your tireless commitment is instrumental in driving our Society forward and making a positive impact in our communities. Thank you’

United Way Alberta Northwest

United Way Alberta Northwest appreciates their volunteer board members:

  • Dylan Bressey
  • Anna Obrochta
  • Jan Nutting
  • Craig Ruether
  • Tamara Wuttunee-Campbell
  • Spencer Merlo
  • Danielle Commandeur
  • Amber McGuinness
  • Cristy Stevenson
  • Jennifer Swan

United Way Alberta Northwest Executive Director Tracy Zuk wrote ‘I feel privileged to put forward the members of my board of directors. This exceptional board not only supports the mission of the United Way but also demonstrates a solid commitment to our community. Together, they unite to enhance the strength and well-being of our community.’

Grande Prairie Mission Thrift Store

Grande Prairie Mission Thrift Store appreciates their volunteer board members:

  • Andrea Dunphy – Chairperson
  • Anna Yelligadu – Treasurer
  • Vera Robbins – Director
  • Ben Dyck – Director
  • Herb Coates – Director
  • Shirley Blimpe – Director
  • Marlene Enns – Director
  • Janneth Rueda – Director

They wrote ‘Thank you so much for caring about the best interests of the store and all the ways you help to push us forward.’

Grande Prairie and Area Safe Communities

Grande Prairie and Area Safe Communities appreciates their volunteer board members:

  • Sif Hansen
  • Victoria Kingston
  • Tina Hewlett
  • Michelle Hodder
  • Jasmine Mutch-Sloat
  • Leona Small
  • Tori Neild

Thank you for your dedication and support to Safe Communities!

Grande Prairie Regional Association of Volunteer Organizations

The Grande Prairie Regional Association of Volunteer Organizations would like to thank their Volunteer Board Members:

  • Robin Derksen – President
  • Chandra Oliver – Vice President
  • Brandon Mann – Treasurer
  • Mark Woods – Secretary
  • Steve Madden – Director
  • Heather Llewellyn – Director
  • Kirsten Cummings – Director

They wrote ‘Thank you for the unwavering commitment and insightful guidance you continually provide to our organization. Your leadership has strengthened the bond between our Board and staff, creating a unified team that successfully meets challenges head-on while advancing our shared mission. It’s with sincere gratitude that we acknowledge your invaluable contributions to our collective achievements and the positive impact we make together.’

Centre for Young Parents

Centre for Young Parents (Society for Support to Pregnant and Parenting Teens) / CYP Project Thrift Shop wishes to show appreciation to their volunteer board members: 

  • Spenser Cunningham – Chair
  • Aimee Savory – Treasurer
  • Lynn Berry-Barsalou – Secretary
  • Carrie Young – Director
  • Valerie Norris-Kirk – Director
  • Georgia Greenwood-Duncan – Director
  • Katrina Przybylski – Director

They wrote ‘In recognition of National Volunteer Week, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of our amazing board members. We want you to know that your contributions have not gone unnoticed. Your dedication to our organization’s mission has touched the lives of countless young families, leaving an indelible mark on our community and beyond.’

‘It is with profound gratitude and admiration that we thank you, our Board of Directors, for your exceptional leadership, unwavering commitment, and boundless generosity. Your impact extends far beyond the boardroom, shaping the future of our organization and paving the way for a brighter tomorrow. Thank you from all of us at Centre for Young Parents.’

Grande Prairie Downtown Association

Grande Prairie Downtown Association thanks their board members for their support & dedication.

Their Board Members are:

  • Bobbi Jo Matheson – Chair
  • Kristina MacNeil – Vice Chair
  • John Kriska – Treasurer/Secretary
  • Brooks Hoffos – Director
  • Grant Berg – Director
  • Gladys Blackmore – Director
  •  Doug Morris – Director
  • Kim Pinnock – Director
  • Catherine Ridgeway – Director
  • Cliff Headon – Director
  • Don Murray – Director
Peace Charity Canada Association

Peace Charity Canada Association (formerly Xaleyi Senegal Health Foundation) would like to appreciate their following board members: 

  • Teresa Cruz – Treasurer
  • Faduma Hussein – Member
  • Ross Thiessen – Secretary
  • Jama Said Jama – Member

They wrote ‘Thanks to our board for always donating their time and money. They are doing a great job in the community and the organization.’

Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection

Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection thanks their board members for their support & dedication.

Their Board Members are:

  • Mike Lauzon
  • Leigh Goldie
  • Julia Dutove
  • Lisa Hawryliuk
  • Chris Nelissen
  • Tyrone Pike
  • Jeff Smith
  • Kurt Balderston
  • Wendy Bosch
  • Daycie Bohning
  • Hayley Kramps
  • Christine Rawlins

Member agencies joined the NVW festivities by collecting a Celebration Cup from our office located at 101, 10101 100 Ave, Grande Prairie, AB, starting April 2, 2024. Each package is filled with party favors and a curated list of activities and suggestions to help them enhance their celebrations.