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Meet Me at the Mall

Meet Me at the Mall

Showcase your Agency!

Twice a year (in spring & autumn) the Grande Prairie Regional Association of Volunteer Organizations presents Meet Me at the Mall!

This Member Exclusive event at the Prairie Mall’s Community Booth allows our Members a free opportunity to showcase their programs and services to mall patrons in individual time slots during mall hours.

Our next Meet Me at the Mall event is May 2-10 2022!  Members please contact Joanne at 780-538-2727 or email admin@volunteergrandeprairie.com to reserve your day and time for more information.

REMINDER – Members participating in Meet Me in the Mall – During your allotted time period, you will be the only agency featured at the Community Booth. Please ensure that your volunteer/staff are there on-time and that you have someone at the booth during the entire time that your agency is scheduled to be there. Please remind your volunteers/staff know that they cannot stop/approach people in the corridors and they cannot hand out brochures or other written materials in the corridor. Mall customers must come to the booth.

**Due to the number of no shows during past Meet Me at the Mall events, organizations failing to attend their scheduled time slot will be charged $150.00 no-show fee. **

Schedule may be subject to change without notice.