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Youth Volunteerism

Why Engage Youth Volunteers?

Young people bring a different level of energy to the organization – one of enthusiasm, interest and curiosity.

Youth can provide relatable ideas and mentorship when working with children or other youth.

Community responsibility – provide structure especially for those young people with chaotic lives.

Kids are far more eager and willing than we realize – many are looking for a way to develop their skills and contribute in a meaningful way.

Youth possess a broad range of skills and interests, especially with regards to technology. Many receive practical training at their schools and are capable of incredible things.

Why Be a Youth Volunteer?

Gain life experience – improve your self-esteem, learn accountability and how to take control.

Volunteering can provide valuable work experience – something potential employers will take notice of.

Become involved in an area you’re interested in, learn more about related fields and meet other youth with similar interests.

Agencies can often provide mentorship and can help you grow your ambitions into realistic ventures.

Time donated will supplement resumes and college or university applications and can often help you receive scholarships and bursaries.

Develop a new hobby, meet new people, and learn how to manage your time effectively.

Resources for Youth Volunteers

Youth Volunteerism Guide – Volunteer Canada