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Centre for Young Parents​

Centre for Young Parents would like to recognize its board members, they are:

  • Rhonda Reichert – Chair
  • Spenser Cunningham – Vice Chair
  • Lynn Berry-Barsaloux – Secretary
  • Aimee Savoury – Treasurer
  • Carrie Young – Director
  • Valerie Norris-Kirk – Director
  • Georgia Greenwood-Duncan – Director
  • Katrina Przybylski – Director

They wrote ‘The Centre for Young Parents wants to say thank you to our amazing Board of Directors for the time, talent, and expertise they have given to our organization. Through their participation, and dedication, they have made a difference in the lives of Young Families in Grande Prairie. Their ideas, input, and enthusiasm were most helpful and have assisted us in making valuable improvements to our programs and services. Thank you!’