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Grande Prairie Friendship Centre – Traditional Healing Garden Caretaker

Grande Prairie Friendship Centre
September 12, 2023
October 12, 2024
10507 98th Ave, Grande Prairie
Area of Interest
Time Commitment
Volunteers for this position are typically expected to commit to a minimum of 1 hour per shift. Shift's are scheduled to accommodate your availability.
Start Date
Minimum Age
Contact Name
Orren Anderson
Contact Phone Number


To inquire about volunteer requirements, more information, and to apply for a volunteer position, email our Volunteer Coordinator, at; orrenanderson@gpfriendship.com

Embrace the opportunity to connect with Indigenous culture and traditions while nurturing the Traditional Healing Garden at the Grande Prairie Friendship Centre (GPFC). As a volunteer caretaker, you will play a vital role in preserving and maintaining this beautiful area. Your duties will include watering plants, weeding, transplanting, and ensuring the garden remains a place of healing and connection for your community. The GPFC's Traditional Healing Garden facilitates many community events, and we are looking for volunteer's to help us maintain this important space.

Training Details

1. Plant Care:
Water plants according to their specific needs, ensuring they thrive and remain healthy.
Monitor the garden for signs of pests, diseases, or other issues and take appropriate action.
Assist in transplanting and replanting, respecting the cultural significance of each plant.

2. Weed Management:
Regularly weed the garden beds to maintain a clean and vibrant environment.
Learn about and respect the cultural significance of plants in the garden.

3. Garden Maintenance:
Maintain pathways, fences, and garden structures as needed.
Ensure that the garden is kept clean and free of trash and debris.
Assist in organizing and cleaning garden tools and equipment.

4. Cultural Awareness:
Respect and honor Indigenous cultural practices and traditions associated with the garden.
Be open to learning about the significance of plants and the healing practices of the Indigenous community.
Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in cultural events and gatherings in the garden if they wish.

5. Team Collaboration:
Collaborate with fellow volunteers, community members, and GPFC staff.
Be flexible and willing to assist with various garden-related tasks.

Respect and interest in Indigenous culture, traditional practices, and gardening.
Respect and commitment to the garden's preservation.
Basic gardening skills (training can be provided if needed).
Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Physical ability to engage in gardening tasks like lifting, weeding, and watering. (modified tasks can also be arranged)
Patience and adaptability to the needs of the garden and its cultural significance.

A unique opportunity to connect with Indigenous culture and traditional practices.
The satisfaction of contributing to the preservation and growth of an important community space.
Valuable gardening experience and knowledge.
The chance to build meaningful connections within your community.

Application Process:
Interested individuals should contact our Volunteer Coordinator through email; orrenanderson@gpfriendship.com to receive volunteer requirements and information.

Join us in nurturing our Traditional Healing Garden and preserving its cultural significance by becoming a Volunteer Caretaker at the Grande Prairie Friendship Centre's traditional healing garden!
Your dedication to the well-being of the garden and your respect for Indigenous culture will help maintain a space that serves as a source of healing and connection for the community. This volunteer role offers a unique opportunity to learn and contribute to a rich cultural heritage while giving back to your community.

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