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Leaders of Tomorrow Awards

Leaders of Tomorrow Awards

The Leaders of Tomorrow Awards presented by the Grande Prairie Regional Association of Volunteer Organizations, honour outstanding young Leaders in Grande Prairie and the surrounding area. These awards are presented to youth in two age categories, Junior (13-15 years) and Senior (16-18 years). These youth exhibit dedication and excellence in their fields of volunteer work (e.g. school, community, social activism, athletics or arts) and inspire the spirit of volunteerism in others.

The Awards are presented at the Annual Volunteer Awards Ceremony, celebrating International Volunteer Day on December 5th, 2022. The Grande Prairie Regional Association of Volunteer Organizations will notify award winners prior to presentation.

Past Leaders of Tomorrow Awards Recipients

2019 Leaders of Tomorrow

Top Row: Anna Cuff, Shub Patel, Torann Mecham, Jenna Noulet, Bottom Row - Larissa Okimaw-Keels, Mark Debre, Nathaniel Kim

Anna Cuff – Nominated by Shannon and Nelson Cuff

Shubh Patel – Nominated by Volunteer Resources – QEII Hospital, Alberta Health Services

Torann Mecham – Nominated by Dana Heidemann

Jenna Noulett – Nominated by Kristin Trudel & St. Mary Catholic School (Beaverlodge)

Larissa Okimaw-Keels – Nominated by Grande Prairie Friendship Centre

Mark Debre – Nominated by Lucille Partington

Nathaniel Kim – Nominated by Captain Peter Kim – Grande Prairie Salvation Army

2018 Leaders of Tomorrow

Back Row: Larry Gibson – ATCO, Caleigh Gillis, Heather Taylo,r Kiera Kuger, Shopie Leslie, Ravenelle Gladue, Madi Campbel,l Dan Magnan - ATCO - Front Row: Augustine Clark, Talai Peters, Taylor Kimpe-Miller

Madi Campbell – Nominated by: Mother Teresa Leadership Team

Augustine Clark – Nominated by Hythe Regional School

Caleigh Gillis – Nominated by Mother Teresa Catholic School

Taylor Kimpe-Miller -Nominated by North Peace Bracket Racing Association

Talia Peters – Nominated by Mother Teresa Leadership Team

Revenelle Gladue – Nominated by John Howard Society of Grande Prairie

Kiera Kruger – Nominated by Lucille Partington

Sophie Leslie – Nominated by CSHS Maverick Movement

Heather Taylor – Nominated by Joanne Hotte

2017 Leaders of Tomorrow

Top Row: Angie Marcy Campbell, Tenley Cooke, Brittany Green - Middle Row: Chelsea Green, Sky Vetsch, Caden Nelson - Bottom Row: Paige Kerckaert, Yna Nicole Tejol, True Lojczyc

Angie Marcy Campbell – Nominated by St. Stephen’s Catholic School

Tenley Cooke – Nominated by Town of Sexsmith FCSS

Brittany Green – Nominated by Corrie Townsend

Chelsea Currie – Nominated by Community Social Development

Paige Kerckaert – Nominated by Tabono Centre – John Howard Society

True Lojczyc – Nominated by Beaverlodge Region High School

Caden Nelson – Nominated by Town of Sexsmith FCSS

Yna Nicole Tejol – Nominated by Community Social Development

Sky Vetsch – Nominated by David Penner – Beaverlodge Regional High School

2016 Leaders of Tomorrow

Front Row: Justin & Fiona Munroe - Aimee Munroe, Brooke Lowen, Kira Portsmouth, Isabelle Rorem, Sydney Ondrik, Larry Gibson (ATCO), Dan Magnan (ATCO) - Back Row: Erika Stamp, Kirk Portsmouth, Savannah McKay, Blaine Badiuk, Truelee Love

Sydney Ondrik – Nominated by Girl Guides of Canada

Brooke Lowen – Nominated by Hillside Jr/Sr High School

Kira Portsmouth – Nominated by Arlene Garcia

Isabelle Rorem – Nominated by the Sexsmith Secondary School

Savannah Mckay – Nominated by the Beaverlodge Regional High School.

Truelee Love – Nominated by the City of Grande Prairie Community Social Development.

Kirk Portsmouth – Nominated by Arlene Garcia

Erika Stamp – Nominated by Wembley Parks & Rec.

Blaine Badiuk – Nominated by the City of Grande Prairie Community Social Development

Aimée Munro – Posthumous Award