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Sexsmith and Area Food Bank Society

Sexsmith and Area Food Bank Society appreciates their volunteer board members:

  • Kyra Parlee – President
  • Darrel Parlee – Vice President
  • Marg Senft – Director at large
  • Pauline Nelson – Secretary
  • Jaime Hebert – Director at large
  • Debbie Wilson – Director at large
  • Freda King – Treasurer
  • A. Brown – Junior director
  • S. Brown – Junior director
  • Talia Nelson – Junior director
  • Georgia – FCSS Representative
  • Naomi – FCSS Representative

They wrote ‘Its essential to recognize and appreciate the dedication and effort put forward by everyone involved in operations of the Sexsmith and Area foodbank society. This is a large diverse group who works hard towards a common goal to serve the communities we live in. Your tireless commitment is instrumental in driving our Society forward and making a positive impact in our communities. Thank you’