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Dear Participant,

Win $500 for your organization!

Our goal is to compile an all-inclusive and wide-ranging picture of local non-profit and charitable groups, organizations, agencies operating in Grande Prairie and area.  There has never been a baseline survey done that focuses on local data from all of the non-profit/charitable sector exclusive to this geographical region

Local data is needed to better plan and deliver services, anticipate service demands, enhance collaborations, determine funding models and identify options. (Long term Development, Innovation, Survival & Advocacy)

Local data is needed to better address financial challenges, identify social and infrastructure issues and assist in decision-making. (Program Impact & Improved Services)

Local data is needed to better align recovery measures with long-term objectives, provide specific support for marketing and fundraising as well as tailoring processes towards better results. (Short-Term Planning & Crisis Recovery)

The data that is gathered will be used to foster sustainability, plan for efficiencies and help our local sector to recover, regroup, and re-establish following the complexities of the past two years.  The information you provide will not be used for any other purpose.     

Your responses are confidential. Only authorized personnel from GP Association of Volunteer Organizations will have access to raw data and responses that can be linked to individuals. Proper measures will be taken to protect your confidentiality. 

Any personal information is being collected under the authority of PIPA (Personal Information Privacy Act) and is being used solely for the purpose of ensuring eligible recipients are entered into the draw for survey completion. 

There are eight surveys, which should take a maxim of 20 to 30 minutes each.  Each individual survey will focus on one management area: e.g. HR & Volunteers. We will be releasing one survey per week for the next eight weeks.  Please only submit one entry per week per organization. 

Each survey completed on behalf of your organization entitles your organization to one entry for a chance to win $500.00.  Complete all 8 surveys and gain an extra entry for a maximum of nine entries to the draw.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Carol-Anne Pasemko, Executive Director, GP Regional Assoc. of Volunteer Organizations, 780-538-2727, director@volunteergp.com